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About Us

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World hope is a non-religious humanitarian aid organization that exists to give hope to this world by helping people. World hope is involved in disaster relief, humanitarian aid, community development and education. World hope will help anybody in need independent of religious, race, gender, OR Status.


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Our Vision

Make World Happier

We don’t help people to make them Christian, we help people because we are Christian. And to that end, we are dedicated to fighting poverty, providing medical care, shelter, food, clothing, education and doing whatever is possible to offer help and hope whatever is needed.

Bible and Literature

Many Christians are so poor that they are unable to buy a simple Bible for themselves or their families. This year WHWN print literature and made them available via some outreach areas. We can place Bibles into the hands of many people, young and old! Through reading the word of Jesus Christ and other Scripture in their very own Bible, people are now able to receive hope and blessing. “Let’s call the church to be the church”.

Proper Education

The literacy rate of Pakistan stands at 58% with no significant progress in recent years. In the rural areas of Pakistan, education itself for women is seen as a taboo, and sending children to work is always a better alternative, besides most people can’t even afford it. Thus, we have arranged around 48 primary schools free of cost in brick kiln areas so that people can educate their children.

Father Care Centers

There are over 4.5 million orphaned children in Pakistan, according to the UN. We at world hope wanted that these children never feel the lack of financial help they could have gotten from their real parents that is why we started this father care center where we help these children by paying their basic expenses such as their school fees and providing them with stationaries, school uniforms, school bags and with food. This is our first step towards helping orphans and hope that in the future we can further expand it.

Medical Help

Pakistan ranks 154th among 195 countries in terms of quality and accessibility of healthcare with the current health issues regarding overpopulation, unsafe drinking water, poor sanitation, deplorable socioeconomic conditions, low health awareness, and insufficient vaccination coverage.

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