Gospel Advancing Conference 7th-10th September 2023


Gospel Advancing Conference 2023

Youth ministries play a crucial role in today’s society by providing a nurturing and supportive environment for young individuals to grow spiritually, emotionally, and socially. Youth is the time in our lives that teaches us how to make decisions and start making reasonable choices for our betterment. Our youth builds our character and is a very crucial part of our development. Our youth ministry is designed to motivate and help young people to proclaim the word of God in their local communities using relevant means and to provide them with the opportunities and resources needed to effectively make disciples for Jesus.


Effective youth ministry aims to offer guidance, support, and empowerment for youth to live Christ-like lives and discover God’s purpose for their existence. Our ministry serves as a positive influence, offering a counterbalance to negative pressures from peers or media. 

Our Mission

We provide our youth engagement in bible studies, discussions, and prayer, fostering a strong connection to their beliefs and values including biblically themed spirit filled workshops, seminars, and retreats that focus on personal development. They promote moral and ethical values that guide young individuals towards making constructive life choices. By offering guidance and support, youth leaders help young individuals discern their unique callings and vocations. This process of self-discovery enables them to align their lives with God’s divine plan and experience fulfillment in serving His kingdom.

Every Teen, Everywhere, Hearing the Gospel from a Friend. 

Arif Ashiq – President World Hope Welfare Network Pakistan 

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