Blasphemey a pretext to attack Christianchurches and homes in Jaranwala


In Jaranwala the district of Faisalabad, 25 places of worship and the 89 homes of Christians were devastated by a mob fueled by Islamic extremists. Hundreds of people were forced to flee. The Christian accused of writing outrageous phrases against the Quran is actually an illiterate.

Faisalabad (AsiaNews) – An episode of alleged blasphemy against the Prophet Mohammed and the desecration of pages of the Quran attributed to a Christian man, Raja Masih, unleashed a wave of violence in Pakistan on August 16 and attacks on churches and homes in Jaranwala in Faisalabad district. 

A mob instigated by extremists attacked as many as 25 churches and 89 homes, creating a very serious situation for the local Christian community.


The simple discovery of pages of the Quran on the ground, accompanied by a letter containing blasphemous comments and the name of Raja Masih – a person who is actually illiterate – was enough to unleash the fury and indignation of the local population, with a rapid escalation and protests on a large scale.

The situation took a distressing turn when mobs targeted churches and homes of the Christian community. Full Gospel Assembly Church, Three Presbyterian churches, a Catholic church, and a Salvation Army church so a total of 25 churches were affected and burnt.

Hundreds of Christians from Jaranwala were forced to flee in fear from their houses that were stormed. Many people gave their testimonies, how they attacked and burnt-out churches, houses and destroyed doors, and took away refrigerators, sofas, chairs, and theft other household items to pile them up in front of the church and burn them. They also burned and desecrated Bibles, they were ruthless.” 

In response to the growing violence, merchants have closed their shops and protesters have blocked some important intersections. Law enforcement officers tried to restore order and ensure safety.

The commander, flanked by mufti Muhammad Younis Rizvi, addressed the crowd, appealing for restraint and reassuring the demonstrators that immediate measures should be taken against the accused. Despite these efforts, however, some factions have continued to push for extreme action.

“This is the real reason why our country is not on good terms with the international community and is facing multiple political and financial problems”.

“The mob attack on the Christian settlement of Jaranwala is not an isolated example of religious hatred – adds Naseem Anthony, another human rights activist from Faisalabad.

“Throughout history, numerous cases of mob violence have targeted Christian settlements in Pakistan: Shanti Nagar Khanewal, Badami Bagh Lahore, Koryyan Village Gojra Faisalabad, Warispura Faisalabad, Youhananabad Lahore and Sialkot.These are mafia attacks in addition to the lynching of people on the basis of blasphemy charges.SNP practices that have become sadly common in Pakistan Addressing these problems is essential to promote tolerance, harmony and respect for human rights in the country”.

These persecuted people are now homeless, and they lost everything and nothing left for them. Now these people need their basic needs. 

Our organization set up two relief camps over there where we are providing 3 times basic food and necessary items. 

We need your prayers and kind support.

Arif Ashiq – President World Hope Welfare Network Pakistan

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